About BioBags

Bags are made of 100% cotton fabrics and lined with PUL (info below!) which is a water resistant and food-safe material. Contains no PVC, no phthalates, no BPA, and no lead. The liner is also CPSIA certified. Top closure is a sewn in hook and eye fabric strip made of additive free nylon. BioBags are patent-pending!

The average American uses 500 plastic snack bags every year! Help reduce waste to the landfill by eliminating plastic storage bags in your waste stream and save money too! 

BioBags are great for packing treats and snacks on the go. They are also great for holding ice packs, wet swimsuits or soiled gym clothes, travel accessories, makeup, medication, and so much more!

Nuts & Seeds * Roasted Chickpeas * Fresh Spring Rolls * PB&J * Jerky and Jerky Sticks * Edamame * Grapes * Cereal * Dried fruit * Boiled Eggs * Wraps and Sandwiches * Crackers & Pretzels * Meat and Cheese rollups * Tuna Packs * Cheese Cubes * Sliced Fruit and Veggies * Pitas * Granola and Granola * Bars * Cookies * Energy Supplements * Snack Mix * Bagel & Cream Cheese * Grapes *


BioBags are packaged using recycled and recyclable clear bags by Eco Enclose.


Cleaning Instructions

Top Shelf Dishwasher or Machine Wash Gentle, Cold. No Chlorine, Bleach, or Fabric Softeners. Air dry recommended. BioBags can also be ran on air dry in the dryer to speed up the process.

Size Details

Dimensions (inches):

Small 5x5in
Medium 6x6
Large 8x7
XLarge 11x11 (great for clothes, diapers, school supplies, small shoes, etc) *not included in set of 3*

Set of 3 includes one small, one medium, and one large in the same fabric.

All bags are handmade in my smoke free home.  Sizes are approximate since these are made one at a time.


Multiple bags will ship together and all bags are made to order. Please allow 7-10 business days creation time for orders. All orders are shipped by USPS First Class mail.

PUL Fabric
•Does not contain lead or heavy metals
•Does not contain BPA
•Does not contain phthalates
•Does not contain PVCs, diisocynates, chlorine, or migratable plasticizes
•Does not contain latex
•Vegan (does not contain animal products).
•USP class VI, the highest level of safety for skin contact and the safest choice for medical devices.
•PUL Fabric passes flammability testing and is considered Class 1 Normal Flammability.

Food Safety Information
PUL Fabric is laminated with a special type of TPU film that:
•Is approved for holding potable water
•May safely be used in contact with wet and dry food
•Is intended for repeated use in packing, processing, packaging, transporting, or holding food
•Is recommended for room temperature or refrigerated use (not for heating or cooking of foods).

About the Liner